Technical Due Diligence

Detailed review of technical specifications, calculation reports and drawings


Preparation of the report for the understanding and mitigation of the risks associated with renewable energy projects for developers, creditors and investors. Project preparation for financing and risk mitigation, helping to ensure that it is technically reliable and ready for construction.

  • Permits and environmental impact assessment
  • Services for investors in renewable energy
  • Supervision and management of the construction of wind and solar projects
  • Independent wind and solar engineering services
  • Renewable energy technical advisory services
  • Technical advisory services for Mergers and Acquisitions of Renewable Energy Assets M&A

Project general description

  • Site plan
  • Initial site visit

Technology review

  • Solar and wind suitability of the site
  • Review of technology and equipment

Power Production Report

  • Summary of the electric power production report
  • Review of energy losses

Engineering design

  • Review of the geotechnical study and foundations
  • Electrical design review

Construction Tracking

  • Progress report review
  • Verification of construction status
  • Site visits during construction

Contract Review

  • Hedge contracts and PPAs
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Equipment supply agreements
  • EPC contract
  • Schedule and scope agreements
  • O&M contracts and asset management

Environmental impact and permits

Financial evaluation

  • CAPEX review
  • Review of operating assumptions
  • OPEX Forecast
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